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StephenKing.com and Discordia

I can still remember the night in college when I stayed up all night in my dorm room and read "Misery" in one sitting. So when Brian Stark, CEO of Metro Digital Media Artists (one of the hottest Digital Media Groups in the country) approached me to transform his designs into the next generation of stephenking.com - "yes" rolled off my lips without further thought.

A comprehensive blend of different formats and media types - Klotnet applied it's expertise in web development and CSS standards to accomplish an extensible and maintainable source code base for the new stephenking.com platform. Implementation of graphics, animations, video and more brought stephenking.com to new heights.

Whether you are the likes of Stephen King or your just getting started on the web - we're here to help you achieve your goals. Call us today and find how we can help you make a name for yourself on the web.

Update - Discordia Game Launched!

After a successful launch of the primary web property, Klotnet again joined forces with the creative team for StephenKing.com and engineered a new, interactive experience for the Dark Tower series called Discordia.

"truely fantastic experience"

“ Eric Klotzko [Klotnet's Founder] is the most professional IT Manager I've met in my career. His kind nature and exceptional skillset bring a truely fantastic experience to the development table. I look forward to working with Eric and his team again in the future. "

--Brian Stark
Interactive Producer, StephenKing.com